Saturday, May 14, 2011

$267.99 [Hypothyrodism]

Vet appointment for Kitty, who has been exceedingly grumpy and peeing on the floor as of late. I scheduled the appointment for Kitty's 13th birthday on Friday the 13th because I was expecting bad news and wanted to blame the calendar and not myself. Turns out that Kitty's hyperthyrodism medicine resulted in a case of hypothyrodism. How very American of us: $195.00 to treat good ol' fashioned Western overmedication, plus $72.99 for the new transdermal medication in the correct dosage.

Let there be no question, though: Kitty is worth every penny. I'm just happy to have her around. But I hope that we can get her thyroid levels to stabilize so that she feels better, stops being so grumpy, and starts using the litter box again, which are all symptoms of hypothyrodism. Unfortunately, these are also symptoms of feline senility -- which would not be an entirely surprising development but I pray is not the case for our dear tripod of a Kitty.

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