Name:  Lola
Alias:  Lolita, Ebola, Coca Cola, Poley, Rolly Polly
DOB: 03/12/2003 (age 10 years)
Felis catus
Common name:
Domestic tabby cat
  18 lbs.
  Being fed, food, AEB, boxes, paper, feather toys, the SmartCat Multi-Level over-the-door cat climber, clean litterboxes, playing in the water fountain, living on the first floor, killing mice and playing with them
Dislikes: not being fed, living on the second floor
Special Fact:  Female orange tabby cats represent only 20% of all orange tabby cats.
Significant medical history: 4 teeth removed in 2010

In June 2003, I adopted Lola from a Virginia Beach rescue organization when she was only 3 1/2 months old and tiny.  She had huge ears and was filthy and covered with fleas, and I knew she was the one.  I moved to Chicago in July 2005, and Lola joined me 8 months later, where she met Kitty and began to put on the bulk of her weight.  She has been with me ever since.  Lola has a fairly serious weight problem and is an on-again, off-again dieter.  She is the alpha animal in the clan, and the other animals must abide by her wishes or suffer the wrath of the never-clipped front claws.  She's happiest having a box to sit inside or a stack of papers to lay on.  Lola pees outside the litter box if she lives on the second floor but is perfectly content living on the first.  She is extremely romantic first thing in the morning.

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