Saturday, September 1, 2012

$0.02 [Toxoplasmosis]

Cat butts on door knobs.

When I see photos like this, I can't believe I didn't test positive for a Toxoplasma infection.  I have had ample opportunity to become infected.  One life could not possibly have been filled with more cat poop.

I requested a toxoplasmosis screening test from my doctor because, wait for it, I'm pregnant!  Yep, we're expecting a little human sibling for Lola, Betelgeuse and Lulu in less than six weeks.

If the tests results were positive, it would have meant previous exposure and immunity, so the baby and I would not be at risk for contracting toxoplasmosis during my pregnancy.  (A first exposure to toxoplasmosis during pregnancy = really really bad news.)  But I tested negative, so I have spent most of this year being ever vigilant in fighting feline fecal matter.  Lola may not carry Toxoplasma, but this is another one of those better-safe-than-sorry pregnancy rules.  Kyler had to assume full responsibility for scooping the litter box and all cat and dog poop from the backyard (Lola's actual litterbox), which, I'll admit, hasn't been so bad for me.  But I also had to be careful when spending time in the backyard or gardening -- no fun -- and extremely diligent in cleaning surfaces in our apartment.  Because, let's face it, when you live with a cat, cat poop can be anywhere.  See photo above.  The proof is in the pudding/the cat butt on the door knob.