Future Cat

Name:  Future Cat
Alias:  Future, Fewch, Little Baby, Big Baby
DOB: Unknown, est. 6/1/2003 (age 9 years)
Genus/species: Felis catus
Common Name: Domestic black & white long-haired tabby
Color: Blank/White/Pink (nose)
Sex: Male
Weight: 20 lbs.
Likes:  Being fed, always having food in the bowl, butt scratching, licking, drinking from running water, hanging out in the bathroom, lounging, catnip
Dislikes: Dirty litter boxes, nails being clipped, traveling in cars, things that make him nervous (i.e., everything)
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Special Facts:  He suffers from an anxiety-related eating disorder, which causes him to become a nervous eater as a result of any major or minor change in the environment, including, but not limited to, the rearranging of furniture, presence or use of a vacuum cleaners, new animals, an empty food bowl (the worst), and the laundering of any of his sleeping places
Significant medical history: Morbidly obese but otherwise in good health.

Future Cat joined our family in September 2003.  I found him -- filthy, tiny and meowing -- the day after Hurricane Isabel in a parking lot in Norfolk, Virginia.  He came into our home under the pretense that I would find a suitable owner for him.  When no such owner was found (or ever sincerely sought), he was named Future Cat and officially joined the clan.  He lived at the Buckleypod, and then Pod Deux, for 6 years before moving to South Carolina with my brother, WPBJ, in the Summer of 2009.  He enjoys the company of Boy Cat and Lola, but he prefers to be an only cat, as there is less chance that the cat food will run out that way.  His humans recently adopted a little puppy brother for him, Rigel, which seems acceptable to Future Cat as long as Rigel stays away from the cat chow.

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