Name:  Betelgeuse (pronounced "Beetle Juice")
Alias:  Betel, Beeb, Bebe, Betel Baily, Tiny, Peter, Peensy Pants, Bubbie Dubbie, The Juice, Juicy, Justin Bieber, etc.
DOB: 03/12/2009 (age 4 years)
Genus/species: Canis lupus familiaris
Breed: Kleinspitz / German Spitz
Color: Chocolate and white parti
Sex: Female
Weight:  13 lbs.
Likes:  Frisbees, balls, hiking, barking, being close but not too close, Lulu, other best dog friends, tummy rubs, being offleash, sleeping under the coffee table
Dislikes: Millie, Lola, things that move that she thinks shouldn't move, the sun, skateboards, motorcycles
Special Facts:  She can catch a ball.  She never finished puppy kindergarten.
Significant medical history: She once threw up an entire acorn and has had two fractured teeth removed.  She ate rat poison but survived.
Internet Presence:

I acquired Betelgeuse in Columbia, Maryland in July 2009 from, get ready, a pet store.  I was heartbroken at the time when my planned adoption of shelter dog Pepper fell through.  While out on an errand, I stopped in to say hello to the pet store puppies, and tiny Betelgeuse 100% stole my heart.  She was four and a half months old, surrounded by eight-week old pocket puppies, and she was on sale -- double price slashed -- after being in the store for almost three months.  I have since learned the horrors of pet stores, and I will never adopt from a pet store again, but that puppy hadn't seen the sun in three months, and I had to get her outside.  I have no credibility as a pet owner, but man do I love Betelgeuse.  Betelgeuse and I have been inseparable ever since.  She has traveled cross-country with me, and we have plans to hike the Appalachian Trail.  She is happiest playing fetch, laying in the grass, and hiking, and, like the good dog she is, will tolerate the bike basket and a bag for many of our New York outings.  Best pup ever, basically.  If I had $50,000 to spare, I would unethically clone her and give Betelgeuse puppies to everyone.

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