Name:  Lulu
Alias:  Lu, Lu Bear, Boo, Boo Bear, Doodoo, No Doze
DOB: unknown, unofficially Cinco de Mayo 2007 (age estimated 7 years)
Genus/species: Canis lupus familiaris
Breed: Pomeranian-monster mix
Color: Black
Sex: Female
Weight:  8 lbs.
Likes:  Smiling, music, being with people, dog treats, dog beds, piles of laundry, Betelgeuse, music, zooming in grass, secretly playing with toys, hiding bones, finding and rolling in dead worms, sleeping by herself somewhere else
Dislikes: thunderstorms, rain, snow, some big dogs, some little dogs, dingle-berries
Special Facts:  She smiles when she feels like it or you sing to her.  She also claps.  She dodged two spay attempts, but the third time was the charm.
Significant medical history: At least one pregnancy.

Lulu is the newest member of the clan.  Lulu was rescued from an animal hoarder/backyard breeder in September 2010.  Turns out, she had been knocked up during the rescue process, and Lulu gave birth in October while under the care of Dog Habitat Rescue here in Brooklyn.  We began fostering Lulu in late January 2011 after her puppy Lily went to a forever home.  After a few months and several adoption events, Lulu was adopted by a lady in the neighborhood.  But then she came back.  I like to think that she sabotaged the adoption because she missed us.  She smiled her way into our hearts, and we sealed the deal and adopted little Lulu on Cinco de Mayo, 2011.  Lulu is a great dancer, a steady hiker and a lot of fun.  She and Betelgeuse are truly best of friends -- they play, wrestle, cuddle, and groom each other.  And now I finally have an animal in the house who actually appreciates a good pet bed!

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