Name:  Kira
DOB: Unknown
Genus/species: Canis lupus familiaris
Breed: Spitz / Wolf mix, obviously
Color: Black
Sex: Female
Weight:  14 lbs.
Likes:  Sleeping under tables, running, digging, playing chase, being coy, being aloof, belly rubs, Kyler, smelling the breath of the humans she loves, her platypus
Dislikes:  Cardboard boxes, another dog getting attention instead of her, things moving that she thinks should be stationary, McGuinnis Boulevard
Special Facts:  In October 2010, while being walked by a dog walker in Brooklyn, Kira escaped from her harness and ran away.  After dozens of Kira sightings and missed opportunities to catch her (she's fast and loves a game of chase), Kira was found and returned to her owners.  Unfortunately this was after she was hit by a car on McGuinnis and just generally traumatized by her time on the lamb.

Kira is one of my favorite dogs.  This little wolf pup belongs to our dear friends / doppelgängers / former neighbors, Alix and Myles.  We met them in the Msgr. Mcgolrick Park dog run and have been human-and-dog buddies ever since.  We dog-sat for Kira fairly often while Alix finished up her MFA, which is when Kira and Kyler became self-described "best friends".  We loved her so much, in fact, that we set out to find a Kira clone for our own animal clan.

We fostered a slightly bigger Kira, named Victor:

And then we adopted a slightly smaller Kira, named Lulu:

But of course there's no replacing Kira, and we still see her and her humans all the time.  Kira is such a great play pal for Betelgeuse and Lulu.  Nothing better than watching the three of them chase, wrestle, and bite each others' legs and faces and then curl up to cuddle.

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