Wednesday, November 2, 2011

$0.00 [World Wide Litter Box]

One day last month, I thanked Kyler for so being so diligent in scooping the litter boxes.  I had not seen any cat pee or poop in the litter boxes in over a week.  Day in and day out, the litter boxes appeared virtually untouched.  What an awesome boyfriend.

"Oh," he responded.  "That's because Lola goes to the bathroom outside now."

Yep.  It's true.  Lola, the pickiest potty kitty, has taken to "using it" outside.  I knew Lola was happily exploring the great outdoors, but I had no idea she had completely relinquished the litter box in favor of the more primitive alternative.

She lets herself out through the broken screen, digs a hole in the dirt, takes care of business, and then attempts to cover it up (meaning she scratches at the nearby grass).  When the back door is shut on account of something like a freak October snowstorm, she will often just hold it until we let her out.

Pros:  No more scooping the litter!  We can pick up all the backyard animal poop at the same time (or, more likely these days, just let it biodegrade).  Cheaper, better for the environment, and the apartment smells terrific!

Con:  Betelgeuse has discovered a very hip, very cool Brooklyn outdoor cat poop buffet.

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