Friday, October 7, 2011

$34.00 [Pillow Ten Ways]

Kyler and I like to watch cooking shows together.  They combine his love of the culinary arts and my love of reality television.  On these shows, the chefs will often serve something like "Pork Three Ways" or "Duck Two Ways" -- I'm thinking right now specifically of Tre Wilcox from Top Chef, who seemingly in every challenge would serve the protein two or three ways.  And it always made me laugh.

So in honor of Mr. Wilcox and every chef who cannot commit to one preparation of a protein, on this installation of (over)budget pet, I bring you Pintuck Pillow* Ten Ways.

The pillow:

The featured dishes:
Glazed Icarus with a Side of Steamed Pintuck Pillow

Free-Range Betelgeuse atop a Pan-fried Pintuck Pillow Wedge
Corn-Fed Pintuck Pillow Drizzled with Cheesy Lulu

 Fat-Free Icky on a Pillowy Potato Soufflé

 Dirty Frisbee Martini with Olive-Betel-Juice served on the Pillow Rocks

House-made Pintuck Pillow Ice Cream Drizzled with Lu Sauce and served with a Flossie Tuile

Flaky Golden Pintuck Pillow Biscuit smothered in Hearty Betel Gravy

Icarus Julienne marinated in a Pintuck Pillow Reduction, with a side of Peppered Kyler

Fresh Icarus-Rolled Betelgeuse atop a Candied Pintuck Pillow garnished with an Aged Frisbee

 Lulu Jump-And-Pray Pillow Surprise

* This is a Urban Outfitters Round Velvet Pintuck Pillow.  I bought two of them ($68.00 in total) in "Light Grey" because Kyler and I love sitting on the floor, but the hardwood floor is cold and, like the name implies, hard.  Every dog who's come around has loved these pillows.  Even bigger dogs like Icky and Bella will curl up on them.  The Round Velvet Pintuck Pillow comes in thirteen colors, but if you've got pets, I would avoid white.

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