Monday, June 27, 2011

$47.25 [SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber]

The SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber, a gift from Santa to Lola for Christmas 2010. 

Lola is the alpha animal of the clan.  She rules the roost.  And her second favorite pastime -- her first being eating all the food -- is sitting on a cat tree or cat condo, sharpening her razor claws and surveying her vast empire.

If you have a multiple animal household, giving the cat(s) a means to demonstrate the hierarchy will enable everyone to live in relative peace.  A cat tree allows for this:  the dominant cat will always be on top, and the dogs can't climb it.  And it's also a great way for indoor cats to get exercise and to get their scratchin' on someplace other than your furniture or rugs.  This amazing "customer photo" from Amazon obviously taken by a crazy person features 5 of the customer's 17 cats in a clear hierarchy:

The SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber is not Lola's first, or even second, cat tree.  Her first was this completely unsafe spring-loaded cat tree in Virginia Beach, which cost about $20.00 and would fall over sideways if she ran up it too fast.  This picture of baby alpha Lola is too good not to post, though.

Her second cat climber was by far the best, the Armarkat Classic Cat Tree.  If you have cats, a lot of space, and $132.00, this cat tree is totally worth it.  I bought it in Chicago (free delivery), and it made the move with us to Baltimore.  It was enormous.  And even Kitty, poor declawed little Kitty, would play on the base and first few rungs.  Unfortunately, my Brooklyn apartment was too small for this monstrosity of a cat condo (along with most of my other belongings), so I donated it to a cat rescue organization in Baltimore before moving.  Some photos of Lola on her Armarkat Classic Cat Tree over the years:

Which brings us to the The SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber.  This was an excellent find by Santa.  It fits on almost any door using a spring-loaded bracket system, so it does not really take up any extra space in our small apartment, but it's sturdy and she loves it.  She's been on this thing non-stop since we unwrapped it last December.

$47.25 for healthy scratching and climbing, for Lola to dominate her subjects, and for me catch Lola staring at me from above while I sit on the couch -- all in an unobtrusive and space-saving form.  Good job, Smartcat.

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