Wednesday, July 20, 2011

$140.00 [Anti-Fur Campaign]

Summer cuts for the pups at a local doggy spa, coming in at $140.00 total -- $60.00 for each cut, plus $10.00 gratuity for each cut.  The somewhat high (but mostly reasonable because this is New York) price tag gets you, from the doggy spa's website, "nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, a rejuvenating bath with all natural shampoos and conditioner, and hair cut to your specifications." 

I am pleased overall with the haircuts because, duh, these are the cutest dogs ever -- they are much cooler and super cuddly sans fur, and plus I really hate trimming nails.  But while Betelgeuse's hair was definitely cut to our specifications, I cannot really say the same for Lulu.  We requested a lion cut, and she ended up looking sort of like a monkey.  A really really cute monkey, but still, a monkey is not a lion and I wish they had left more of her mane on her chest and neck.  But enough words.  It's time for pictures.

The full photo set is available here

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