Saturday, September 17, 2011

$0.02 [2011 Halloween Costume Watch]

The weather has cooled this weekend.  You know what that means?  Halloween is right around the corner.  Well, not really, but we have been thinking about Halloween costumes since November 1 of last year, so for us, Halloween is right around the corner.

Last year, Kyler and Betelgeuse dressed up as a chef and a lobster.  They were runners-up for the best "Group" costume in the District Dog Halloween Parade and Costume Contest in McGolrick Park here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  See commentary on their costume ("absolutely adorable") and the winners here.

If you're wondering where I was for the festivities, yes, I too had a chef's costume and was going to help Kyler carry that heavy metal pot, but I was called away to Ohio at the last minute for a family emergency.  And as much as I love dogs in costume (and I really love dogs in costume), human family comes first everytime.  (And for the record Kyler is the best partner ever for actually dressing up and taking Betelgeuse to the parade himself, even though I know he felt kind of silly.)

But I was there in spirit.  And I got to watch videos of the parade and see photos of Kyler and Betelgeuse all over the Internet.

But this year, none of this runner-up nonsense.  We want to win.  And now we have two dogs to dress up in costumes, which is even better than one dog dressed up in costume.  Plus Lulu loves wearing clothes.

I don't want to disclose any of our costume ideas yet -- it's still too soon and, like I said, we want to win.  There can be no duplicates.  I think our chances in last year's competition were hampered by a second lobster in the parade, a miniature Austrailan Shepherd puppy.  It didn't hurt that he's one of the cutest dogs ever.

But could that miniature Australian Shepherd puppy -- or any of the parade dogs for that matter -- play fetch in his costume?  I don't think so.  Point: Betelgeuse.

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