Monday, September 26, 2011

$24.99 [Wedding Gift for Stella]

The human members of the clan traveled to Chicago, Illinois this past weekend for the wedding of my friend Le and her partner (now husband) Lindsey. Lola spent the weekend back in Brooklyn with her BFF the automatic pet feeder. Betelgeuse and Lulu spent the weekend boarded at Unleash Brooklyn, which was sad because in Chicago we stayed with Betel's first dog friend, Icarus (but not too sad because they will be reunited next week!).

On the day of the wedding, I was looking up information about the ceremony on Le and Lindsey's wedding website. This led to me to play around on their wedding registry. Even though I bought them a digital toaster off their registry months ago, I wanted to see what else was purchased because I'm curious and I have boundary issues.

As I scrolled down, there was something new on the registry that immediately caught my eye. Something I recognized from my own 2011 Halloween costume watch, but something that had not been on their registry when I bought the toaster...

The Animal Planet Raptor Dog Costume!!!

It's too much. In fact, this entire line of new Animal Planet dog costumes is too much. They are by far the best dog costumes on the market. I've been looking. (These costumes are so great that Betel and Lulu can't even wear them. Other NYC pups will definitely be wearing them, which would nix my chances of winning the costume contest.) Seriously, look at them.

Back to the wedding. What was the Animal Planet Raptor Dog Costume doing on the registry? A little bit of wedding present love for Le and Lindsey's seven-year-old adorably neurotic Chihuahua, Stella, who loves costumes.

This was probably the easiest $24.99 I've spent in awhile. I have one-click enabled on Within three minutes of me seeing it on the registry, the raptor costume was on its way to Stella at Le and Lindsey's marital address.

Yes, I managed to spend funds out of my animal budget even when my pets were 800 miles away. Happy couple, happy pup, happy me.

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  1. Nothing for GIANT Grady, though :(