Wednesday, November 2, 2011

$54.47 [Happy Halloween!]

Happy Belated Día de Muertos from the Clan!  The 2011 Halloween Costume Watch has come to an end:  The dogs were flowers, and I was the sun.

We had a great time on Saturday at the 2011 District Dog Halloween Parade, Adoption Day, and Costume Contest in McGolrick Park.  We didn't win (winners here, as blogged by a local stuffed rabbit, no kidding), but it turns out that it didn't really matter.  It was the perfect Halloween celebration and just what I needed after an emotionally draining October.  We spent the day making the costumes and hanging out with like a hundred awesome dogs, most of them in impossibly cute costumes.  Of course, not as impossibly cute as our dogs in costumes.

Oh, and we got to see Lulu's über tiny one-year old baby, Lily.  Lily was dressed as a panda and still couldn't stop her 4.5 lb. frame from shivering.

We constructed the dogs' flower costumes from infant onesies, size 3-6 mo. ($11.50 each) and shiny headbands ($4.50 each), with the leaves and pedals cut from Creativity Street WonderFoam Sheets ($6.99 for 40 pcs.) and attached to the costume with hot glue ($11.99 for the Stanley Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun, $3.49 for glue sticks).  Grand total: $54.47.  A little on the expensive side although we are now the proud owners of glue gun which is h-e-l-l-o awesome, along with 32 leftover colored foam sheets.

And Betelgeuse was a real class act during the parade (I drag her and Lulu by at 0:53, video compliments of The Greenpointers):

Bored at work?  For your viewing pleasure, three more dog parade videos taken by Kyler below.  His commentary is the best, rivaled only by the pit bull dressed as a dinosaur and the Francophile greyhound.

Happy Halloween, everyone, and welcome to November!

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