Saturday, January 7, 2012

$13.99 [Ware Scratch-N-Television]

Have you ever bought a gift for someone and knew that you nailed it?

It happened to me twice this past holiday season:  first, with my boyfriend's mom, who I bought a Temp-tations Old World Figural Chicken 5-piece Measuring Set (nailed it), and second, with my nine-year-old cat Lola, who I bought a Ware Scratch-N-Television ($13.99).

The Ware Scratch-N-Television is a corrugated cardboard scratch pad inside of a cardboard box "television."  The "television" has an open square on the front (the screen) and a hole on the side (which I assume is another entry point for the cat).  It also comes with catnip to sprinkle onto the scratch pad.  And, as if all that wasn't enough fun for $13.99, the antenna features a dangling poof.

Below is the promotional image for the Ware Scratch-N-Television -- you can see the hole on the side and the antenna in this image.  I like that Ware used a bigger cat instead of a tiny kitten for advertising.  I'd love to know his back story.  He has a face made for TV.

Lola just loves the Ware Scratch-N-Television -- she scratches it, sleeps in it (with part of her head hanging out of the hole on the side), rubs her face and body all over it.  And of course I'm getting a kick out of seeing her on TV.  We've previously discussed Lola's love of cardboard boxes, but who knew I could love them too if they were just made to look like something cute.  This isn't trash that needs to be taken out to the recycling bin -- this is a toy television, and my cat is inside of it!

There is a whole range of products in this cardboard-boxes-made-to-look-like-something-cute category.  For example, the Suck UK Cardboard Classics Cat Playhouses in Firetruck, Airplane, Tank or Cadillac (approx. $34.95 each).  These do not come with a scratch pad inside, but you can buy a scratch pad for less than $10.00 to use as a base inside the box for added cat appeal.

Also, the Loyal Luxe Native American Cat Teepee ($24.00).  All this cat needs is a feather headdress, and this image would be perfect.  Same note as above that there is no scratch pad inside.

Not a box, but, whatever, this is a cardboard scratch pad that turns your cat into a DJ(!!!):  the Suck UK Cat Scratch Cat Playhouse ($23.00).

There's also the Cat Above SnoozePal Cat Hammock ($34.95).  This is a twist on the cardboard cat furniture -- rather than being a cardboard box masquerading as something cute, it's a hammock masquerading as a cardboard bankers box.  Kyler saw the SnoozePal Cat Hammock in PS9 Pet Supplies and really liked it for Lola.  He even pushed hard on the hammock to make sure it could support her (it supports up to 20 lbs., so it's actually sort of close).  I like it in "calm camel."  I'm a broken record, but I would definitely put a scratch pad on the bottom and make it do double duty -- we have precious little floor space in our apartment.

Alternatively, if you're crafty and/or really really bored and/or insane, Martha Stewart shows you how to make your cat playhouse out of cardboard boxes ($0.00).  [If your cat is a chewer, I would recommend against using a hot glue gun to construct your cat house.]

Of all of these products, I think the most bang for your buck is the Ware Scratch-N-Television.  You can buy it for your cat at for $13.99 and tune into the kitty channel 24-7.  Yep.  Nailed it.

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