Wednesday, January 18, 2012

$99.00 [Found My Animal Rope Leashes]

Leash upgrade!

Blew the remainder of my January pet budget on new leashes for Betelgeuse and Lulu.  Their old leashes were frayed and nasty because we like to "drop the leash" and let the dogs run free at parks and on back streets and the India Street pier at night.  So for 2012 (and thereafter), I invested in two seriously awesome durable leashes made right here in Brooklyn.

The Found My Animal leashes are made out of all-weather, UV-resistant marine-grade rope (the rope is handmade by professional New England rope-makers).  The ropes are hand-spliced to withstand thousands of pounds of pull -- in case I need to walk a GIANT Pomeranain -- and, for added durability, the ends are "whipped" (an old nautical term) -- i.e., NO MORE FRAYING!  The metal hardware is all marine-grade as well, and the leashes are hand- and machine-washable.

Found My Animal makes both a standard and adjustable version of its rope leash.  I like the adjustable leash, which has two solid brass o-rings and two solid bronze clips.  The adjustable leash is more expensive than the standard one but offers a lot of versatility.  You can change the length of it when using it as a hand-held leash, meaning one leash does the job of two:  make it short for walks on narrow NYC sidewalks or long for strolls through the woods.  You can also hook it around your waist, over your shoulder, or across your chest, so on cold nights, you can keep your hands in your pockets or around your hot cocoa.  Running into a coffee shop?  Quickly clip your pup to a fence, tree or post, and don't worry about the security of your knot or untying the knot with a coffee cup in your hand.  You can even clip your dogs to each other (a great joke).

The leashes come in a variety of thicknesses from S (1/4") to XL (1/2"), which you select from based on the weight of your pooch.  I like the look of the thick rope leashes, but that would be too much leash for Betel and Lu.

For Betel, the Adjustable, Hand-Spliced Rope Leash (solid brass + natural rope), 7 ft., size S (1/4" rope diameter), $56, purchased from Unleash Brooklyn during an all-day Saturday stroll around Greenpoint and Williamsburg -- it's been so unseasonably warm this winter, and we've been taking advantage of it.

For Lulu, the Adjustable, Hand-Spliced, 100% Recycled P.E.T. Rope Leash (solid blass + black rope), 7 ft., size S (1/4" rope diameter), $43, purchased from PS9 Pet Supplies on the same stroll.  The recycled P.E.T. rope is lighter than the natural rope for the smaller pup, although the brass hardware is still a bit heavy for such a petite creature.

These leashes seem a bit pricey, but they also seem like they will last.  We've gone through quite a few cheaper standard nylon leashes -- they end up frayed, knotted, and filthy.  My 2012 philosophy: pay more, but buy it just once.  These leashes are beautiful, high-quality, and locally made and purchased.  If that's not enough:  Found My Animal does so much for rescued animals.  And lest you forget who was rescued...

Oh man.  Lulu.


  1. I bought the pink collar and it started to come undone after about two weeks. I contacted support and they said it was because my "pup" chewed on it.They assumed she was a puppy because I adopted her from a shelter. She is 6 years old and fully trained. She wears the collar all day long and in the evening its kept far from her reach. They just offered to sell me another one at a discount. Will not be buying from them again and will do everything in my power to let everyone know of their bad quality products.

  2. I went on to the company website to purchase the teal ombre adjustable leash and collar and it has been a huge disappointment. I received this item in my mailbox Saturday evening and decided to put it into immediate use Sunday and Monday. On a rainy Monday morning, I walked my dog and came home to find out the leash and collar stained my dogs neck area and my two hands. What a huge disappointment. I immediately called their customer service line and Courtney was responsive and tried to help me but she wasn't able to give me a resolution I wanted, so Courtney had Bethany (owner) call me directly. Instead of being apologetic, she was trying to push their synthetic product on me. I told her I wanted a refunded or some kind of refund since I consider these two items I purchased as faulty. Per their website, no where does it indicate a faulty item cannot be returned but Bethany insisted that I can't return the item since my dog has used the product for 1.5 days. I understand it being used but they should consider a better way to handle items that are faulty, since now I am $118.00 out of pockets without a collar and leash for my dog.