Monday, January 6, 2014

$40.00 [Kurgo Wander Bed]

We have one of each type:  a "hot" dog (Betelgeuse) who wants to sprawl out on a cold hard floor and a "cold" dog (Lulu) who is constantly looking for somewhere soft to curl up and snooze.  Traveling with our hot dog is easy -- she'll sleep anywhere -- but we needed a good compact travel bed for the cold dog.

A few years ago, we purchased the Kurgo Wander Bed (Medium, $40.00), and it's gone everywhere with us since then.  Two features make it different (and better) than most of the other travel dog beds on the market:
- It rolls up like a sleeping bag, secures with velcro, and has a handle, and
- It has a waterproof bottom, and it's thick enough to stay warm even if the ground is cold.

Great for camping, for car rides, and for visiting family and friends where dogs are not allowed on furniture -- a rule my dogs cannot even begin to comprehend.  We're in Vermont now, and the Wander Bed is a nice place for both pups to get comfy in an otherwise bare-bones room where they can't get up on the beds.

Because even our "hot" dog needs a warm bed in Vermont during the Polar Vortex of 2014.  It is -14 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

A bonus for us:  even the medium size is big enough for everyone (two dogs and a human baby).  $40.00 for a solidly constructed dog bed for the perfect mammal pile!

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