Wednesday, December 7, 2011

$0.00 [Lulu Hates Christmas]

Since the day after Thanksgiving, a group of local Brooklyn entrepreneurs have been selling Christmas Trees on the sidewalk opposite our backyard fence.  It's a full-blown Christmas Tree vending operation, complete with lights and a giant inflatable Santa Claus.

Lulu hates this Santa.  Although not one to normally bark, Lulu stands in the same spot on the back porch and barks at Father Christmas as he moves in the wind.  She hates him.  Sometimes it's a barking spree, and sometimes it's just one warning bark:  I've got my eye on you, Saint Nick.

I asked Justin, our friend and multimedia journalist, who was staying at our apartment this week, if he would photograph Santa from Lulu's perspective for this blog post.  I imagined Santa Claus ominously looming over Lulu as she stands on the porch, his shadow long, with his giant black shoes and green gloves.

But it turns out that from Lulu's perspective, so close to the ground, this is what she is barking at from her spot on the porch:

Yes, this.  Santa's head.  Peeking ever so slightly above the fence.

Think about it.  You just got got by Lulu.

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