Wednesday, December 7, 2011

$75.00 [Adios, Kittens]

$75.00, the price of a pet fare on Southwest Airlines, which took the Black Friday kittens from Brooklyn to Chicago last night, completing the final leg of their journey to their forever home with Charlotte and Zero.

The two kittens spent the twelve days at our apartment.  During their stay, they met 13 humans and 5 animals -- 7 animals if you count the two mice Lola killed last week and placed graciously at the foot of our bed.  (Yes, we've had a lot of house guests and visitors recently, including of the rodent variety.)

I would also like to report that the kittens now have proper cat names:  Stripes is Ayanami Rei (or "Nami"), and Solids is Battle Angel Alita (or "Lita").  What their third names are, they're not telling.

Oh, you want kitten photos?  But of course.

Kittens with their cousin, Icarus

Kittens and Tiny Dogs basking in the pheromones of Casey's pregnant belly.

 Kittens at the vet for their second check-up, Rabies shots, and micro-chipping.  At 12 weeks, Lita and Nami weigh 2.6 oz. and 2.7 oz., respectively.

They fell asleep on the scale in Charlotte's arms.

Justin demonstrates proper sleeping-with-kittens technique on the tiny office couch.

Tons of videos of little Nami and Lita after the jump (and even more on this YouTube playlist).  Enjoy!  I'm sure you'll be very proud of Betelgeuse for taking her role as surrogate Momma Cat very seriously.  And expect guest posts from Charlotte in the future as these tiny creatures grow up into real life CATS.  Can't wait.


  1. Can we also please remember this video of Icarus and Nami, by Justin?

    It's too perfect.

  2. I love them so much, and now they're a part of our big family forever!