Tuesday, January 3, 2012

$0.02 [2011, A Year in Animals, Part II]

Happy 2012, buddies!  This 2011 Year in Review post continues where we left off with Part I.  This post features photos and stories from July 2011 - December 2011!

July 2011
  • The clan moved to our current apartment across McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn -- Lola, Betelgeuse, and Lulu loved it right away.
  • We did a hot, sticky Independence Day hike at Stokes State Forest [post here].
  • Betelgeuse and Lulu got hilarious haircuts [post here].
  • We went on a Pennsylvania day trip with dog buddy Kira (who looks like Lulu in the grass above) to hang with Abby and Roxy.

August 2011
  • Betelgeuse, despite her haircut, kept getting overheated on walks and would demand a bag ride [post about bags with a dog-head hole here].
  • We dog sat Kira for a weekend.  The three pups conspired together and ripped up $80 in cash [post here].
  • We went on a road trip to upstate New York.  During the week, we stayed in a small cabin in Redfield, New York; fished and swam in the Salmon River Reservoir; hiked in Ricketts Glen State Park; camped in Buttermilk Falls State Park; stayed in a La Quinta Inn (best for short notice + animal guests); and toured Niagara Falls.
  • Cheska stayed with us for awhile, fresh off the streets of Peru [post here].
  • Hurricane Irene rolled through.
  • The animals ate rat poison and almost died but didn't [post here].

September 2011
  • We dog sat the beloved Bella for ten days.  She's so smart and speaks English -- it was more like having a human guest.
  • We went to Chicago to hang out with Icarus [post about Chicago and other dog buddy Stella here].

October 2011
  • We spent more time with our dog buddy Icarus, this time in Brooklyn.
  • Lola became a real outdoor cat [post here].
  • I abandoned the clan for a weekend and flew to Columbia, South Carolina to hang with dearest feline friend Future Cat.
  • The dog and human members of our clan went for a delightful autumn hike in the Delaware Water Gap.
  • We celebrated Halloween weekend with a freak snowstorm and by participating the 2011 District Dog Halloween Parade and Costume Contest in McGolrick Park [post here].  Lulu was reunited with her daughter, Lily.

November 2011
  • We watched the ING New York City Marathon -- our apartment is located alongside the marathon route.  Betelgeuse high-fived the runners as they zoomed by.
  • We spent some time in Pennsylvania for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • The big story of November, however, was the rescue of Nami and Lita (previously "the Black Friday Kittens") [posts here and here].  After the tragic death of their kitten sibling, they came back to Brooklyn with us and took up residence in the office.

December 2011
  • Charlotte came to Brooklyn to adopt Nami and Lita.  It was the fullest animal house ever:  three dogs (we were graced by Icky's presence as well), and three cats.
  • Betel and Lulu got their photo taken with Santa.
  • Lulu hated on Santa [post here].
  • My brother Wayne and his girlfriend Eva visited for two weeks in December.  Future Cat stayed in the office, although I think it's fair to say that by now the office is more of a "Cat Guest Room."
  • I wrote two holiday post series:  The Animals' Wishlists [LolaBetelgeuse, and Lulu here] and The Definitive (Over)Budget Pet Guide to De-Stinking Your House and Home [Parts I-V here].
  • I got an Animal Cam for Christmas [post here].
  • Livia Rae came over (all the way from Bellingham, Washington) to play Apples to Apples with us.
  • Betel and Lulu got groomed and ended up with sexy butt haircuts on the last day of the year.

And now . .  . 2012!

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